Pedro Guimarães

Department of Information Systems | School of Engineering | University of Minho

Pedro Guimarães has been a researcher at the Computer Graphics Center since April 2014. In the past years he worked in several software engineering projects, focusing on web development, building an advanced domain knowledge in Javascript. Over time, by developing the Scrum framework on his teams, improved his skills in backlog management, sprint organization, repository management, leadership and mentoring. He is currently leading the Big Data Analitycs team with a focus on data driven software development, data integration, data visualization and architectures. He has knowledge of technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, SQL-on-Hadoop (e.g., Hive e Presto), NoSQL/NewSQL (e.g., Cassandra, HBase), Kafka, ETL on Spark (pySpark), Cloud Infrastructures (e.g., Azure), and deployment on containers. He is part of the SEMAG research group ( of the ALGORITMI Center of the University of Minho.